Playing the Course

Tips From the Pro

Hole # Par Tip
1 2 A gentle stroke here will help secure a par. A little more firm and you will be putting out of the rough.
2 2 Watch out for the rock but also the slight change in elevation. Too hard and you may find you are all wet and need to add a stroke penalty.
3 3 A keen eye will see the break to the right, you have 2 options: a shot to the left and let it slide down to the hole or a finesse shot close to the bricks with less break.
4 2 The first of several long holes that will test your stroke. Slight uphill all the way. Watch out for the rough on the right and leave your putt close to the hole for a tap in par.
5 3 The second hardest hole on the course, you are faced with a partially blind shot with a hard break to the left. Aim to the left end of the rough guarding the water. With the right speed the ball will role towards the hole and if a bit firm will bounce of the pavers back towards the hole. Failure to get past the dog leg left will lead to a bogey or higher.
6 2 It looks easy, that look is deceiving. A narrow opening and a rise in elevation make this a challenge. A ball that does not make the upper level will roll back to the tee and cause you to re-hit with a stroke penalty.
7 2 The challenge here is to keep the ball dry! A ball hit to hard will bounce off the pavers towards the pond. A steady shot (will pull right after the bridge) and will land near the hole after a carom off the pavers (hopefully)
8 3 3 choices await: the narrow opening along the left side, the shot between the 2 rocks and a long shot along the right side which will carom off the pavers towards the hole (my favored route). The key to a par is to leave a clear 2nd shot at the hole with a tap in for par
9 2 A straight looking shot. Do not be fooled. A diagonal rise in the green will pull the tee shot left. Keep that in mind when teeing off. Good chance for a hole in one.
10 2 This hole is the beginning of our Amen Corner, 4 holes in a row with distinct challenges. Hit the hole in the rock in front of you and the ball will run out very close to the hole (or in it). Another option is to aim for the 7th paver from the right corner in front of you and it will direct the ball close to the hole.
11 3 The safe play is under the figure eight rather than over the top, either way requires a carom shot off the pavers. The ball will most often end up within 6’ of the hole for a legitimate birdie attempt.
12 3 The 12th hole is the most difficult hole on the course. You are challenged with a rock obstacle and 2 elevation changes, the first pulls the ball to the right and the 2nd a bit straighter. A timid shot will role back to the tee box, too strong and you may find yourself air born over the back of the green. A tee shot that makes the upper level provides a good birdie opportunity.
13 2 The 13th is the most popular hole for kids, a ball hit into the water is not a penalty. If you keep your tee shot on the bridge it will carom off the pavers and end up with a good par chance.
14 2 Did I mention water to the left? The best tee shot is through the narrow opening between the rock and the pond. No margin for error here. A safer route is along the right side, with lower risk but a lower reward, a bogey awaits if you do not get your tee shot close.
15 3 The green slants to the right and a grass rough trap awaits a shot that roles well past the hole. Aim for the 6th paver (left) from the edge of the trap and it will carom back toward the hole.
16 3 At 57’ this is the longest hole on the course. A hole in one here earns a free round. No pressure :) :). There are subtle contours that will effect the tee shot. Avoid the two rough traps on the right, ending up there may make par a challenge.
17 2 Tee shot should be about 1’ -2’ off the right side pavers and should move slightly to the right. The stream behind the hole catches its fair share of golf balls (and penalty strokes).
18 2 A nice finishing hole. It looks easy but watch out for the contour which pulls the ball to the left (if hit along the right side). Lots of near misses for a hole in one. A ball in the pond will create a bogey or more.


Please return the golf balls and putter to the clubhouse.